Thursday, December 1, 2011

No-Shave November Over!!!

Here was week three's beard:

Nice right? and alas, here's the end of the month's beard:

I was going to shave everything completely off now that its not November, but....I'm gonna keep it!!!

So get ready for Decembeard, Janu-hairy, and Fur-bruary and so on! But don't worry, I'm not going to blog and post a picture every week. It'll just be me having a beard until I get bored!

Monday, November 14, 2011

No Shave November

So I decided to participate in No-Shave November. I have never grown my full beard so I figured this year (with the wife's permission of course) I would go for it! I got a couple guys to do it alongside me. I did Mustache March about 3 or 4 years ago, and this was the creepy result:

me, Travis, Sean, Spencer

Needless to say, 'No-Shave' November is a tiny bit less creepy. More manly I would say. Here was after the first week:

And now its the end of the 2nd week, here's what I look like:

Just kidding! Gross. but this is my 2 week old beard:

Things are starting to get a bit hairy!

To all my fellow participants in No-Shave November, stay strong men!!!
I'll post another photo in about a week!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wife's blog!

My wife has recently redesigned her blog. It is now
called Kim's Kreations. Click this box to check it out!

I will be posting a new blog soon.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Rob Bell

Rob Bell is the pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church, and is known to many Christians through his NOOMA videos, and the books he has written. I remember watching his videos in youth group and thinking they were very interesting. Videos like Dust and Lump.

Recently he's come under fire by a lot of Christians for the description and accompanying intro video of a book that hadn't even come out yet. This is the intro video for the book, Love Wins:

The people concerned with Bell's theology basically said he is being a false teacher because the video he implies all people will go to Heaven because Love wins, and our Loving God would never send someone to Hell.

Of course I don't believe that myself, and I was ready to blog about how maybe Rob Bell explains that idea further in the actual book, saying God is a loving God but people choose to not love him back and there is indeed a Hell...and that we shouldn't be so quick to judge Bell and assume he is a false teacher.

Then I started researching the issue further, and I came across this post from a pastor named Erik Raymond's blog responding to Rob Bell's earlier book, Velvet Elvis: check it out here

Now I have quite a few friends who own or have read that book...I was planning on reading it myself, but maybe I shouldn't?

A lot of what Raymond comments on makes sense, and I'm wondering what you guys all think?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I offended the Double Rainboy Guy!

I offended the Double Rainboy Guy. If you don't know who that is, let me google that for you.

OK, now let me explain. The guy lives in Mariposa County. My oldest brother Brandon is the online editor for the Merced Sun-Star paper. Brandon had the opportunity to interview him via phone, etc etc; The point being Brandon kind of knows the guy now.

So the guy is coming out with a movie he made with other internet celebrities called The Chronicles of RickRoll. One day my brother posts this trailer for the movie on his facebook profile.

I commented on it, saying "how much someone beat a dead horse til it comes alive again?"

Little did I know he was friends with the guy on facebook! I got a message on facebook a little later from the guy and he said,

"I'm a Cagefighter, I don't give up easily. You should be careful what you write on the Internet, somebody might take offense."

My first thought was "Oh man, I offended the guy. Now I feel bad." But then I thought, "Wait, did he just threaten me?!"

After, I just wrote him back telling him I didn't mean to offend him, and that I do want to see the movie. (I really do.) He wrote back and said "Thanks."

So it was pretty uneventful, but I found the whole thing amusing, figured I'd share.

What do you guys think? Should I be watching my back for this guy??

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome, Bienvenue, Wilkommen, Bienvenido!

Welcome to my first blog of 2011. I believe its been about 2 and half years since my last post... a lot has changed since then! so consider this post the first post of my new blog.

I will be using this blog to talk about things I've noticed, funny things I've found, things that happen to me, current events possibly, and once in a while a post that actually takes effort and goes a little deeper. That being said, don't expect a lot of great writing out of this blog!

If you would like to read blogs with great writing and considerably better posts, you'll need to check out these blogs:

Josh's wife, my sister in law Breeann
and last one for now, our friend Heather

So about the "lot of things have changed" I believe the last time I mentioned Kim in the blog we were just dating. Well now we're married! It will be two years in July.

Also, I believe I had recently started at SaveMart. Well worked there about 9 or so months, then went on to Jamba Juice in Modesto for a little over a year, then I got hired with the City of Manteca, working at the Manteca Golf Course thanks to my friend Andrew Jessee. Its a pretty cool job.

I have a post idea that I will be posting possible later today....but thats all for now!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Hello World.

So Kim and I watched the 24: Redemption movie that came on tonight. And basically its the first two hours of season 7, which starts January 11. And its amazing. I won't spoil it for you people that haven't seen it, but I will tell you it has Jack in Africa and it centers around the terrible tragedy of African children, young boys being kidnapped and turned into soldiers for the rebel army. You want to know more about the movie, it comes out on DVD Tuesday I believe. Anyway, the child abduction/turning into soldiers is a very real situation in Africa right now. These kids are so young and are brainwashed to kill their own people and anyone their captors tell them to. Yet most people tend to either not care or refuse to believe it goes on. Kim is a member of an organization called invisible children, just one organization that's trying to help stop this horrible situation. You can talk to her, or go to the website for Invisible Children, which of course is Invisible Apparently, the leader of the LRA (the rebel army taking the kids) is going to sign a Peace Agreement, so keep that in your prayers, maybe some peace can enter that region and little children can grow up in peace and actually have a childhood.

The other day Doug, Kim and I had the oppurtunity to deliver a thanksgiving food basket to a struggling family of three. Our church is partnered with a local organization called LOVE inc, and they set it up so people in our church (and the other churches in manteca that are participating) can form groups and take a basket to a family. Our family was Frank and Monica and their daughter. Both Frank and Monica had lost their jobs recently and were wondering what they were gonna be eating when the food runs out, so this basket was a huge blessing to them. Monica mentioned she might be getting a job at the new theatres, so I'm praying that happens. Despite all of the stuff that has happened in their lives so suddenly, both of them never seemed to blame God. Their struggles are so great yet their faith was even greater...It really was inspiring to talk to them.

In light of this post, as the holiday season is coming up with Thanksgiving this week and Christmas in December, I encourage all of you to show love to others. Be slow to anger and judging. Theres struggling people all around us. All over the world, yet even in our own town. Help someone. Help them do anything. Its not that hard. People need us. Let show them Christ's love, not man-made condemnation and hatred, or equally worse, the indifference; that seems to be ever present these days.

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone.

Oh and Happy Birthday to my brother Josh (On thanksgiving!)